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Are you wondering if you will ever be debt free? Do you need legal, trustworthy, non-biased and helpful information from a bankruptcy specialist firm? We help hundreds of Queenslanders declare bankruptcy every year. We help answer questions like:

  • Is bankruptcy my best option given my individual situation?

  • Will my pay be affected by my bankruptcy?

  • Can I keep my job or continue operating my business?

  • Can I keep my house and/or my car?

  • What are the rules that I need to follow during bankruptcy?

We discuss all sorts of solutions and find the best fit for you. Your options may include:

  • Personal Insolvency

  • Company Liquidation

  • Debt agreements

  • Part 9, Part 10 and Section 73 proposals

  • Debt Consolidation Loans

  • Small business bankruptcy

Please feel free to give us your details and we will give you the right information tailored to New South Wales and Australian Law. Finding the right bankruptcy solution is typically not easy, most bankruptcy firms in Sydney will charge for an initial consultation, however we will happily talk you through the initial steps for free. No strings attached.

We can help no matter where you live in New South

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We can help no matter where you live in New South Wales.

Bankruptcy NSW, Bankruptcy Sydney, Bankruptcy Newcastle.


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