Bankruptcy Solutions

We are seeing a huge influx of our Australian miners coming through our doors in desperate need of our help.

With many of the large mines closing their doors, this leaves many Australian families in the dark about what to do next.

Many of the common situations we see are families that have been earning great incomes for a number of years. Because of this they have made smart investments in property around Perth, WA. A lot of the time there are vehicles and some unsecured loans that were extremely manageable in abundant times.

Due to our nation’s financial position, these families were robbed of their well paying jobs and careers.

This has left so many of our mining families with home loans, car loans, taxation debt and unsecured debts that they now can’t possibly pay off. Many of these families are scared and unsure about what they can do now.

With no work prospects in the foreseeable future, there is another option. This option is not as scary as it seems, and can put you back on top. This option is bankruptcy.

If you have recently been forced out of the mining industry and are struggling with any of the above situations, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are familiar with the struggles that you are going through, and will be able to take care of you and your family.